Friday, September 26, 2008

"NoN" WIP-37 !

K, here she is the new version!

Hope someone can like her!
C&C is a good thing for sure! ;)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

She looks really great, but very sad :( in that colour picture !!!

mim said...

Hey tnx my dear Andrew,
I Promise to make her happy in next post soony!
Tnx for kind comment also, I'm in doubt about her in fact! I dunno if it is lovely enough or not?! :/
really can't decide about her face! but I'm going with this yet,
;) ,


Le Vieux Paris d'Albert Robida said...

haha... I like much her design... a bit sad of course, but not so much... it seem her life certainly very hard !

you're a complete artist man !

mim said...

Hey it's a real pleasure to hear this from you master, appreciate;
I like it also the expression in her face! but anyway can't use this on the final project coz they want some kind of work with no much personality in the characters, I mean they want a routine work, although I will try my best to keep something here but it's up to them at end! :~|

all the way tnx for your visit buddy, hope to see you more here! tnx ;)

Francisco Martins said...

Love tour style Mim!
This one is really awesome!!

Francisco Martins

mim said...

Hey thank yo Francisco, it's your kind
oh, btw, I cheeked your blog man, you've a great style in fact, ;) lovely works
ty for stopping by ;)