Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"NoN" WIP-21 !

Jaust started to draw the "Dady" character! some early wip to keep here updated though! ;)



Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's a top beard he has ! :)

bog_art said...

Thanks for the nice comment in my blog!.. you have a wonderful job here!.. I really liked your post ""NoN" WIP-18 !".. is it watercolor?.. cheers!..

mim said...

Thank you dear Andrew for your nice comments, yess they (clients) are so stupid and harsh just about religion! and of course they think beard is a sign of that!
other than that I really try to make this work more kind for childes as much as I can!
just look what a bad situations we have to work in! :\
btw I think it's yet can be liked by chides this character, coz I tried to make it lovely really even with these beards! :))
he looks like Robinson Crozoe though now!

tnx again for your kind supports buddy,

mim said...

Hey Bogar!
really hapy I am, you like it!
No, that one in WIP-18 isn't a water-color really, just some works by PS and Wacom, but ones on the "WIP-13" are some kind of combination of traditional water-colors with digital painting,
all the way, you're wellcome buddy,


mim said...

next updates will coming soon, I hope! :D
maybe tomorrow,

btw, no need to say, critics and/or comments are more than welcomed!