Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"NoN" WIP-20 !

They chooses 3nd character (not exactly yet even, though!), and then I did the appropriate character for girl (Neda) upon the previous character (Navid) that have been approved;
Btw I hope they accept theses little hairs out of her faille about Neda! (again! it's really stupidly! but anyway they are clients stupidly want the lil gal in full hijab!! Damn em really! I just can't understood!)



Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super work on these and a really cool blog !!

mim said...

Tnx dear Andrew,
glad you like em, and it is pleasure to have a great artist here just like yourself.
appreciate for kind words about blog too! ;) keep coming and give me some crits! :D