Monday, August 25, 2008

"NoN" WIP-14 !

Just an snapshot of work in progress,
note that material just applied simply to see the effect, so nothing is unwrapped yet! :|
I was really busy pre-week (not work related btw) and nowadays just spending much time playing COD4 online as rest! :D lol! that's reall fun! but it's ENOUGH! I will back to work soon! (that occupation will solve by a week thought) so I will back with full power again just in a few days! ;)

tnx for supports, mim.Armand


Breadwig said...

These are beautiful! Great design and modeling.

mim said...

Thank you Bryan, I will UV and texture em in next step,
although now when I just almost finished the model, I have a better idea for this dealing with! dunno what to do! but probably haven't time to redo things, :\ so maybe for next project or so! :|

tnx again comrade, mim

Teoh Yi Chie said...

That's a very cool design. Love the details, especially the carvings.

mim said...

Hey Teoh, really glad you can like it buddy, tnx for your kindness,