Sunday, August 10, 2008

"NoN" WIP-05 ! (+I am in truble about characters with them!)

Hi there! :|

I showed them characters I deigned previous week, but unfortunately they know nothing about anything! lol! I mean about animation and Art and .. ah ... and children s even and anything at all! F em!

they want evolve religion and/or politics in all thing! and when I say "all" I mean ALL! all of all!
Just hate em stupid harsh ppl,

lol! they want I draw a 3 years old girl character in a "FULL" Hijab! lol and thought putting a long beard for 7 years boy character then thought!

I dunno what to do really, :( , I persist at first at my opinion but they said it is a "MUST" and you'd lost project if you deny! I take some day to draw some other characters to show em if they accept, I just can't leave a harsh and un-honest thing for little children! they will affected for sure with unhealthy things; F em!
Btw to prevent this post being totally off-topic, here is a animated gif that'll show you the progress of a wip part of "tale-city pupet show vehicle I jast was modeling! it's going well! If I accept their permisions and just countinuie this project, then you will see more frome it hopefully! btw when I see, just I havn't any choice, :((, but have to wait Free Image Hosting

take care, mim


dugbuddy said...

cool scroll work.

mim said...

Tnx buddy, db; you're welcome, really happy to have you here, :}