Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"NoN" WIP-13 !

I did these characters yesterday Really fast! all of em (and some others I didn't finished) take about 4-5 hours! ok! ok! thought fast for me! :D but anyway! hope you like em! :)

Tnx for ur visit, mim.Armand


JB said...

Hi mim, your drawings are awsome ;), i like the first 3 characters and love the background, those clouds are so cool, the last character i don't like the body but the background makes him nice too, keep up with the good work.

mim said...

Tnx buddy jb for your kind words,
I'm agree about last one too! it's not really good!
Btw I like second one more meself,
btw tnx again for your feedback bro, :)