Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"NoN" WIP-42 !

sorry for delay on updating here
just alil busy, you know then!
it is an environment of next series to keep here updated;
critics will make me work improve, ;)



Ken said...

Its cool! I love the trees... the colours are great too

I find it hard to give C&C when I dont know the purpose of a piece or what the artist was trying to achieve. I feel maybe that the sky doesnt match the foreground in style?

mim said...

Hey Ken, ;)
you are right, I didn't explain enough often coz I think busy pplz nowadays didn't like to read much and more like to see! you know,
btw it is for a simple little low-cost cut-out series I'm doing for national TV here; it's for kids like 5-14; and since coz of damned religion related things here, here aren't enough "Happy" programs for child's (or all even!) I'm just trying to doo my best to make them happy (really! :) ) so I wonna keep it with more pure and happy colors as possible and I try to keep it at my own standards atleast!
Btw really good crit about the sky, I just though to it also when I were going to test it as sky and I was in doubt about it too, but since I see it would make a contrast between ground and sky and will make the ground colors more shiny and toony look the I think it will work here,

btw are you think it won't work? I have other ideas for the sky also then, I just tried to make it more kind look for childrens with adding some watercolor papers I drawed here and there,

I will be glad to heare again from you dear

cheers, mim

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like this, I love those round trees !! :)