Monday, October 13, 2008

"NoN" WIP-41 !

I just started working on new series!

Hope you like mis.sun!
Critics are most welcomed!

Tnx, mim.Armand


Rima said...

Hello Mim, thanks for visiting me.. pleased to meet you :)
Sending best wishes from Scotland

mim said...

Thank you Rima, you are welcomed buddy:)

S.P.Y. said...

Hello mim,

I'm so sorry for not responding to your comment's left on my blog. In all honesty I only use the blog for "professional uses" (Since I have no idea how to make a webpage haha I'm so lame)I completely didn't see that anyone left a message.

Second, Wow. You have great designs here. I really love the way you handle your silhouettes. Then the way you cap-off the renderings are the icing on the cake. Great work. love the trees.

- Steve Y.

Ken said...

haha this is great! I really love the style... and his face is very very cool... made me laugh. Awesome pic

mim said...

Hey Steve! Great pleasure to see you here buddy, tnx for visit and your kind words! keep up your lovely works dude, ;)

Hey Ken, Thank you buddy, really glad you like em, I will be appreciate for critics also, I just LOVE all your works buddy, tnx for visiting my page, hope to hear more from you, ;)

and best wishes for all you

Le Vieux Paris d'Albert Robida said...

Ok... now I understand better the origin of your avatar on CgSociety...
sweet and fun image for sure... rich of colors.

mim said...

Hey Laurent,
tnx man! :D
yea, it's my avatar from the sun character here! glad yo like it, ;)
really curios to know the origin for yours too! all the way yo have a great lovely avatar, ;)
tnx for ur visit man,

Le Vieux Paris d'Albert Robida said...

Mine was made by a good friend, in fact, this guy was my best collegue during 3 years, a very talentuous CG guy...
...unfortunetely, he's less productive than me ! only quality !
I had good time with him 4 years ago... by example, each morning before working, we taked a tour in Cg websites to comment new images, it's always very good to share a same passion !

mim said...

my guess was right! this cool face is for yo, I was aware man, your face is like creative directors! :D
nice avatar anyway buddy,
tnx again for your reply, it's a pleasure talkin with you comrade, :D