Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Non" WIP-45 !

it's going to be finished in 2 weeks tho all 10 episodes! ;)
here is the mr. Cook! :D



crisigner said...

where and how i can watch this?
I would like to do a post about the serie in my blog.
you're my guess to know it.

mim said...

Hey my pleasure Crisigner, tnx for your interest and for watching
I will make a demo from them by soon (in a week) and will try to get the permission to put them on the net completely (they didn't broadcast it yet, it will be on national tv tho; so I doubt they let me to do show them earlier than TV)

I will inform you when the demo was ready,

TY again, Kisses! ^.^

Francisco Martins said...

hehehe, this is really cute!
See ya Mim!

Francisco Martins

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool updates since I was here last !! :)

Leocartunista said...

Very nice my friend...i like that.

Saeedsoft said...

Hi MiM !
Happy Noruz Day !
good ...